Golden Firebird Truck Skin for Kenworth W900

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Golden Firebird Truck Skin for Kenworth W900

Loosely based on the Snowman’s truck [“Smokey & the Bandit”] and on the Pontiac Firebird logo, this truck skin is black and dark gold. Includes the following decals: USA and NC flags, Cali Clean Idle sticker, Nevada IFTA stickers, ALCOA logos, ‘Toys For Tots,’ ‘Semper Fi,’ ‘Step Up For Soliders,’ ‘FIRST AID/FIRE EXTINGUISHER’ stickers, Crazy Riggers decal, and of course a Firebird logo on front and back, along with a hood topper pattern.

If you want your company logo or the NC flag removed, please contact me.

Do not remod with giving me co-credit.


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